Restauración Creativa
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Who we are

We are a team of creative and technical professionals, which strive to help small and medium sized businesses in the conception and realization of projects ranging from the restoration of physical locations and redesign of corporate images to the restructuring of business operations to improve efficiencies and profitability.

The design and presentation of your business and its operations is essential to provide the best customer service experience possible to your clients and increase your rate of retention.

The concept of a “fashionable” establishment is increasingly growing in popularity as it provides a business the opportunity to differentiate itself from its competition. The consumer is left leaving your business not only satisfied with the service, but also for having spent time in an attractive and welcoming environment where they feel comfortable

Restauracion Creativa relies on a study of engineering, architecture, design and digital marketing to help service small and medium sized businesses to modernize and reach their maximum potential in the present-day market.


  • Because we are our own team of professionals that handles the entire restoration process.
  • Because we deal directly with our customers and understand what they need.
  • Because our main objective is the success of our customers’ businesses.
  • Because we offer a complete and thorough process from the first consultation to the unveiling.
  • Because analyse and identify the market trends of your city and know what makes a difference to consumers


Our Clients



Tel. (+34) 934 081 563

Fax (+34) 933 401 601

Meridiana Avenue, 354 6D

08027 Barcelona


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